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What if every limitation you held on to about your worth, success, your value, and what you are willing to receive disappeared? How could you show up completely and authentically as the greatest unapologetic version of you? Shining in all your grace and glory with complete and total ease? Would you do it? 

Tara Truax did just that and shares her story in Woman Who Shine, 30 inspiring stories of shining light into the world. As Tara stepped into her power and unleashed her abilities to rapidly manifest, creating a new reality at light speed, she reconstructed her financial reality from devastation to true inspiration. As a Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), creative entrepreneur and motivational coach, speaker, and author, her passion for helping others release the limiting, minded stories of the past, as she supports them in opening to ultimate creation in the present moment lights her fire.

You can read more of her story in Woman Who Shine and connect with her at

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Women Who Shine is a #1 International
Best-Seller in 23 categories.

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