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I am thrilled to introduce myself! My name is Tara. I am a New Jersey transplant from CA, retired professional dancer, circus performer, Master Certified Health Coach and mom to three beautiful babies! I believe in ALL things holistic- after being diagnosed with interstitial cystitis in 2001- at the age of 21. The doctors told me that I was weird, something was wrong with me, and that this disease was only for woman in their late 40's in menopause!️ #wronginfo

They knew very little to help me, except prescribe a medication that would cost me $300...after my insurance paid- I was a college student at the time and that was no bueno. Not even un poco bueno.

So I trusted my gut and took the holistic approach to my health and was pain free that same year. It has been a long journey to maintain my health. #Mindset. #Guthealth. Hormone-balancing. Nutrition. But I am happy to say that 17 years later, I have been able to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life. I’ve had ups and downs, and some seriously funny moments (pee problems) But everyday I am thankful for this journey!

Me holding a little miracle...and also my beautiful daughter in the other arm. LOL!

P.S- I would’ve shared my journey MUCH sooner, but I thought I was alone- I didn’t know other woman were struggling with this condition. I had always kept it to myself, since again, the doctors told me I was weird! Well folks, the definition of weird is: something supernatural...and they were right! That is ME to a T! So I hope sharing my journey- my successes, my failures and all the science I have picked up along the way- will help, inspire and give hope to anyone who may need it while they are walking their own supernatural journey.

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